Pet Diagnostics: Getting an Inside Look

Digital Radiography (Pet X-rays)

With our digital radiography unit, we can safely examine a pet’s bones and other internal structures within a matter of seconds. An X-ray image can detect broken bones, foreign bodies, bowel obstructions, and many other conditions. Having digital capabilities allows for several benefits for your pet, for you, and for our veterinarian, including:

  • Images are produced in a matter of seconds, which means less waiting time for you and your pet.
  • Images are clearer than film and can be easily enhanced on a screen.
  • Images can be shared via e-mail, if necessary.
  • No harsh chemicals are required for images to be produced.

Pet Ultrasound

An ultrasound exam is a non-invasive imaging technique that involves using the echoes of sound waves to produce a moving image of internal body structures. This two-dimensional image is produced in real-time. Our abdominal ultrasound unit can be used to diagnose various health problems with the bladder, liver, uterus, and other internal organs. It can identify:

  • Abdominal lymph nodes
  • Pregnancy
  • Abdominal masses or tumors
  • Kidney infections
  • Abdominal fluid
  • …and more

Pet Electrocardiography

In addition to digital X-rays and ultrasound, we offer electrocardiography (ECG) with the assistance of visiting cardiology specialists. An electrocardiogram is a recording of the electrical impulses that are created when the heart is beating. This safe, non-invasive test is typically recommended if a pet has an irregular heart rhythm, which can be detected during a standard wellness exam.

If you think your pet is in need of an advanced diagnostic exam, or if you have any questions about these services, let us know! We can be reached at 805-489-4307.