Spaying/Neutering for the Health of Your Pet

If you’re a first-time puppy or kitten owner, you probably have many questions about how to best care for your new companion. What’s the best food to give them? What are some of the best training techniques? How long will it take for my pet to be “potty trained”? But one of the most important questions to consider is: Should I spay/neuter my pet? As a practice that cares for the well-being of your new pet, we’d like to answer that question with a YES!

Primary Care Animal Hospital performs dozens of spay/neuter procedures every year, and for good reasons. These routine surgeries can actually lengthen your pet’s lifespan because of the diseases they can prevent. They can also benefit you as the owner as well as the community. Consider the following frequently asked questions about spaying (ovariohysterectomy) and neutering (castration) to learn more:

Why Should I Spay/Neuter My Pet?

  • Spaying eliminates your pet’s risk for mammary tumors and uterine infections.
  • Spaying eliminates the heat cycle.
  • Neutering eliminates the risk of testicular cancer.
  • Neutering reduces aggressive behavior and marking.
  • Spaying/neutering helps reduce the number of unwanted pets that are euthanized while helping more shelter pets find loving homes.

Will My Pet Gain Weight After Surgery?

It’s possible. The metabolism of some pets tends to slow down after being spayed and neutered, which can result in weight gain. However, this isn’t the case for EVERY pet, and it can be avoided. Feed your pet a healthy diet, and avoid using self-feeders. We recommend that you also create exercise opportunities for your pet, whether it’s with walks, cat towers, or interactive toys.

When Should I Spay/Neuter My Pet?

The answer to this question is dependent on your pet’s breed and can be answered at your pet’s first visit to our hospital. As a practice that’s accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), we follow the association’s guidelines for spaying and neutering. According to these guidelines, healthy pets can be spayed and neutered as young as 8 weeks of age, or as old as 6 months.

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