Pet Surgery

Many pets will need to undergo some type of surgery in their lifetime, whether to prevent a certain health condition or to treat one. When YOUR pet needs surgery, you can be confident in the high level of care they’ll receive here at Primary Care Animal Hospital. That’s because, as an AAHA-accredited animal hospital, we abide by the highest possible standards in veterinary medicine, including surgery. This means that we follow the safest pet surgical guidelines, which are listed below:
  • Pre-surgical assessments: We will discuss the details of your pet’s surgery, conduct a physical exam, and perform pre-anesthetic work to ensure your pet’s health.
  • Sterile surgical suite: Our state-of-the-art surgical suite was designed with the safety and comfort of our patients in mind, and it’s used exclusively for sterile surgical procedures.
  • Surgical apparel: Any veterinarian and staff member in our surgical suite must wear a mask and disposable cap. Anyone involved in the surgery itself must also wear single-use gloves and a sterile gown.
  • Sterile equipment: The surgical equipment in our facility is thoroughly cleaned, sterilized, and wrapped before every procedure to help prevent infections.

Our Surgical Services

We also offer advanced monitoring equipment, which allows us to monitor each patient through every stage of their surgery. Our experienced veterinary surgeons are equipped to perform a wide range of both soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries, including:

  • Routine spay & neuter
  • Tumor excision
  • Removal of foreign body
  • Wound repair
  • Cesarian section
  • Bladder stone surgery
  • Cruciate ligament repair
  • TPLO
  • Fracture repair

All pets must be thoroughly examined before being scheduled for surgery, to ensure that anesthesia will be safe for them. If your pet has a health condition that could threaten their well-being during surgery, we will postpone the procedure and focus on treating their current problem.

If you have any questions about surgical procedures we offer at Primary Care Animal Hospital, don’t hesitate to call us at 805-489-4307.